Ankle Rotation In Golf Swing

on August 23, 2022
Golfers know that the key points for a good swing are hip, shoulder, and chest rotation. However, ankle mobility is just as crucial but is often overlooked. As you take your position, your ankle maintains your posture as your swing progresses from backswing to follow through. Limited ankle mobility not only causes struggle to maintain posture during swing, but also lose proper swing angle.

Why is ankle mobility crucial to golf?


As you swing, your ankles also flex to maintain your balance. The transition from backswing and downswing requires a lower body stance which is to squat. You naturally draw power from your legs to maintain the stance. However, what most golfers overlook is that as you draw power from legs, your ankle is also flexing to hold that balance and prevents your body from pushing you out of posture.  
While there are a number of physical limitations that cause the player to lose proper swing posture, limited ankle mobility is one of the major reasons for early swing extension. 


The importance ankle on solid footwork in golf 


A good swing requires good coordination to draw power efficiently, which also takes good footwork. As you draw and store power in your swing, footwork is a crucial element to its unloading. Your ankle and heels are responsible for weight shifting to maximize power output. To unload power, consistency and body stability is needed.If you find yourself struggling to maintain your balance and you’re losing your posture as your swing progresses, it’s mostly due to your limited ankle mobility.


Importance of solid footwork


  • Allows you to accelerate your swing
  • Release the club powerfully through impact
  • Finish the swing in a posed position
  • Balanced weight on both feet


Why do you need to strengthen your ankle in golf? 


Hips, wrist, spine, shoulders, play vital roles in swing movements through rotation. However, among your joints, it’s the ankles that take more abuse and are often neglected. Power is more stable when drawn from the ground and the foot is your only contact point. As such, a powerful swing is a result of creating a good amount of force through solid ground contact. 
Other than drawing power for a golf swing, it is important to take care of your ankles. They are the most prone to injuries and swelling due to improper flexing and weight shifts.  


Protect your ankles while playing golf 


Golf is a sport that’s about repetitive movements and joint rotations, which is very susceptible to strain and injury. Protecting your ankle during play helps you enjoy your time in the course. Stabilize your joints without limiting mobility.