Chest Movement In Golf Swing | How to Rotate Chest Properly

on October 12, 2022
Proper swing rotation involves our hands, wrists, biceps, and shoulder movements. However, many golfers get that aha moment when they finally figure out that chest rotation is the one that generally controls the swing. Executing a proper chest rotation will provide more power and speed in the swing giving you better shot results and distance.

Chest rotation plays a major part in the golf swing. Although the arms and hands directly affect the swing, those who execute proper chest rotation have a better terms of generating power, accuracy, and consistency of shots.



Why is proper chest rotation important?

Proper swing sequence requires complete chest rotation from backswing and downswing. Something that all pro players do. But why is chest rotation important? How does it contribute to a good swing?

# Generate more power
The backswing is all about creating a good impact on the downswing. It creates the best possible potential for the downswing. On a proper backswing, your chest must rotate the opposite of your intended target. This creates a substantial space for your downswing and gains power through impact. The chest rotation allows your swing to build up a great deal of power and speed maximizing the force of your shot.

#Building tempo
How you turn your chest affects how much rhythm you build as you also generate power. Proper chest rotation effectively establishes a smooth transition to your swing while keeping your body alignment and posture intact. When you struggle to build a tempo on your swing, it is highly likely that you did not have a good chest turn.

#Keeping your body intact during the swing sequence
Clean strike while keeping your body position intact is one of the simplest goals yet very difficult to achieve in a golf swing. Turning your chest towards the target during the downswing to follow through guarantees a good shot. This requires a synchronized movement of your chest, shoulders, and arms. This rhythm builds correct momentum without your arms and hands swaying by themselves. Creating this body position gives you a good shot and distance closer to the hole.



How to make proper chest rotation?

Proper chest rotation on a good swing does not require any complicated techniques. It is part of the basics and fundamentals of golf each player needs to learn. Below are some of the things you need to be aware of during chest rotation.

#Chin up
Your chin plays a vital role in chest rotation. At the address position, it is important that you keep your chin up and not press it on your chest. If you put your chin down, you are limiting your chest’s rotation during backswing and also hindering your shoulder to turn. Make sure that it’s away from your chest and not high enough to allow your shoulders to gain momentum during a swing.

#Knee flex
Your stance has everything to do with the proper development of the swing. Your lower body should provide firm and establish support right from the address position. Staying down in your stance maintains your body’s position and keeps it from swaying out of alignment. Disconnected lower body alignment not only ruins your balance and tempo but also cuts your chest rotation short. Maintain your lower body’s stance for a clean shot.

#Turn your back on the target
A complete chest rotation means you turn your back on the target to follow through. Rotating your chest opposite the intended target helps you gain momentum and power for a cleaner shot with good distance. Full chest rotation maximizes the distance of your golf drive.


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