Golf Backswing Takeaway: How To Start Your Takeaway Properly

on August 16, 2022
The takeaway is one of the most crucial parts of the backswing, but is also one of the most overlooked parts. It is the first phase of your swing where the club is positioned parallel to the ground. You can almost already tell the result of the golf swing just by looking at how they start with their golf backswing takeaway.


This part of the backswing is the start of everything in your entire swing - from keeping your club in the right position, to swing path, downswing, and ball striking. However, common faults also happen already at the beginning of the takeaway which most amateur golfers struggle with, and the very reason they hardly make a solid ball contact.


2 Types Of Golf Takeaway Errors


 #1. Inside Takeaway

The inside takeaway is perhaps the most common positioning error in the takeaway. The swing path is characterized by having the clubface end too far inside. The club is too close to your body and the butt end of the club is pointing to the right of the target.

Swing issues caused by inside takeaway:
  • Takes your club on the wrong path
  • Draw or hook shots
  • Gets you stuck in the downswing
  • Blocks your way to the top of backswing
  • Over the top downswing
  • Outside-in path

    #2 Outside Takeaway

    Overactive hands and arms can affect your swing path. This is the common reason for outside takeaway. You are basically bringing your club away from you and the butt end is pointing to the left of the target. Your tendency is to spin the ball clockwise and fly from left to right.

    Swing issues caused by outside takeaway:
    • Too steep swing path
    • Hands are too high at the top of backswing
    • Pulling or dropping hands in the downswing
    • Outside-in swing path
    • Slice or fade shots


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    How To Start Your Takeaway Properly 

    One of the common concerns with regard to takeaway is where to take the club and how to position it. Should your golf takeaway be straight back or inside? Takeaway is the first move in your swing and the very foundation of your swing and impact.
    These are the 2 takeaway methods you should try.

    #1 One-piece method

    One-piece method is a takeaway method that focuses on the front shoulder during the swing. This method focuses on bringing your lead shoulder under your chin and requires very little movement from your arms, wrist, and hands. You are basically moving them as one while keeping the triangle of your arms, wrist and hands intact.

    By focusing on your front shoulder, you bring your club backward, eliminate unnecessary movement, stay in the swing path and bring you to the correct position at the top of your backswing.

    #2 Right Arm Takeaway

    Similar to the one-piece method, this takeaway method also focuses on one part of the sequence. However, unlike the one-piece method, which has little movement, this takeaway action requires the arm to move backward, but also rotates slightly, which makes the clubface open. This is a great method to take if you are struggling with squaring your clubface through impact.

    Takeaway Checkpoints:

    1. The shaft should be in line with the target line.

    A correct and proper takeaway will have the shaft of the club parallel to the ground, with its head pointing straight ahead and the butt end in line with the target line.

    2. The clubface should be slightly pointing towards the ground

    When the shaft is parallel to the ground, the direction of the clubface should be pointed a little towards the ground and the ball.

    3. No wrist hinge on the takeaway

    There should be no wrist hinging anytime soon during the takeaway. The move of your club should be through your shoulder rotation.


    4. Your hands, arms and wrist should stay in a triangle throughout the movement

    There should be no movement from your arms and hands during the takeaway. The extension of your arms and hands from the address position should be of triangle shape and be maintained as your shoulder rotates.
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