Golf Mistakes Even the Pros Make

on July 07, 2021



Playing golf may just look easy but the fundamentals remain and apply the same for recreational and pro players. The pros over time have learned to hone their accuracy and yardage. Watching PGA tours, it would seem that professional golfers can’t make any mistakes. That’s where you’re wrong. Even pros are susceptible to several common mistakes. 
We listed  down common mistakes even pros make and how to correct them. 
Not maintaining the swing
There are thousands of ways to play golf and each player has their own style and technique of driving the ball. However, the basics remain the same - it all comes down to swing. Think of swing as something that requires regular maintenance yet constant improvement. Drastically changing your swing techniques while forgetting the basics will result in poor performance instead. 
Forgetting the fundamentals
Even pro players find themselves with one or two serious fundamental issues when they forget to maintain and slowly change their swing. Many pro golfers find balance by going neutral. However, there are average players that forget the fundamentals and find themselves struggling to break 90. 
No pre-shot routine 
Losing focus is another mistake many pro players even commit. Having a pre-shot routine can help you focus, clear your mind of negative thoughts and helps you get into a good start without much thinking or even under pressure. 
Picking the wrong club
Many players, even pros, think that getting a new club would resolve their woes.  Pro players have honed their skills and techniques over the years. However, picking the wrong club can shoot everything down the drain. You don’t want to overestimate and think that you can fly the ball farther than you actually could. You don’t want to fall short either because that’s the part most golfers find themselves  - in the nastiest hazards of the course. Calibrating each of your clubs for various conditions and studying an approach shot is the best way to have better accuracy. 
SwingPro Plus is a golf training device that can be used even by professional golf players. Warming up with this training aid helps you condition your body for your pre-shot routine. It helps you maintain and check-in your fundamentals and swing sequence. 
SwingPro plus is your ultimate swing trainer that instills muscle memory of the right “feel” and how the swing sequence should be both in terms of  internal and external sensations. Using this as your warm up device will help correct and blend your rotation especially on the torso pivot, forearm and shoulder rotation and swing radius.
SwingPro Plus is a portable training aid that helps stabilize your stance for easier weight distribution throughout the swing. This golf trainer trains you to steady your legs instead of the spine and tunes in the body to create and maintain the balance to achieve the proper posture. Improve your balance and increase your distance and accuracy.


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