How To Increase Your Driver Distance

on December 16, 2021

One of the most common struggles and questions of golfers is about how to strike the golf ball and reach a good distance. Regardless of the level, increasing driver distance is one thing all golfers want to achieve. Getting a good driver distance definitely puts the golfer at an advantage in courses and also when it comes to scoring. So the question is, how do you increase your driver distance?

You might be surprised to know that the trick to increasing your driver distance is not really a new custom made driver but going back to the fundamentals. Good driver distance requires not only a good club but mostly good swing point, speed and precision. It means having proper setup and address position ensures you constant shots and getting the ball good yardage. 


What causes poor driver distance? 

There are a lot of factors that affect your yardage. But focusing on the fundamentals, some of the reasons that causes poor distance are:

  • Wrong or incorrect club grip
  • Unbalanced weight transfer
  • Bad posture and alignment

How To Increase Driver Distance?

Get the basics in place

It is imperative to have the fundamentals of golf swing to be in place. Getting the basics down helps you get the ball to a further distance. As aforementioned, correct club grip, alignment and posture. We couldn’t stress this enough - the set up and address position are very crucial to how you would play your swing. 


Hit the center spot

A clean shot is key point to good driver distance. Hitting the center spot is your goal to get that clean shot. However, this is something many golfers, especially amateurs, struggle with. They either miss the center spot or the ball is all over the club face. This is why your feet alignment and club angle are important. Always check your feet - are they too in or out, too wide or too close to the ball.  Remember, missing the center spot by as little as an inch could affect yardage by 10%. 


Increase your speed

Speed is essential to maximizing your driver distance. Slow swing speed is usually caused by lack of flexibility when twisting. Your range of motion affects your swing power and speed.  Practicing with weighted clubs and tracking your speed can help you adjust your speed on any given club. By record, an average golfer swing is about 93 mph. The rule of thumb is, the lighter your club, the faster you can increase your speed.


Invest on a good driver 

A custom fitting driver that is well-measured to your needs given it has a well-made and weighted shaft will definitely improve your driver distance. However, a good driver will not compensate for the lack of fundamentals, flexibility and poor technique. 

Whatever goal you wish to achieve when playing golf, always remember that the way to improve is mastering the basics and swing fundamentals.

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