How To Increase Your Golf Swing Speed?

on February 07, 2023
Speed is important in a golf swing because it directly affects the distance and trajectory of your shots. A faster swing generates more energy to elevate the ball and spin on your shots, making them go further, straighter, and with more consistency.  



What happens if your golf swing speed is lacking?

A lack or inconsistency in swing speed could result in several problems in your swing sequence and eventually affects your overall performance.

A slower swing speed could equate to a shorter distance. The shorter your shots, the longer and more difficult it is to reach the fairways. Not to mention, it significantly affects your accuracy, resulting in more hooks and slices and the ball off your target.

Without sufficient speed, you may struggle to create enough power to play out of tough lies, bunkers, or rough.
It is more difficult to control the ball, leading to inconsistent shots and unpredictable results.


What are the benefits of having a good golf swing speed?

  • Increased distance
  • Improved accuracy
  • Better clubhead control
  • Increased power
  • Better golf play performance




How can I increase the speed of my golf swing?

Increasing your golf speed is easier to achieve than you might think. Sticking to the basics of the golf swing and practicing your swing techniques can drive your swing to a much longer distance.

Maintain good posture

To perform and apply proper swing techniques, you have to keep a correct swing position. That means keeping your upper body still while rotating your hips to generate power which is the key element to a faster golf swing.

Condition your muscle

Instill muscle memory of the proper alignment, positioning, and angle of your golf swing movements. By having the correct feel of your swing, you can easily pinpoint the problem in your swing sequence to be corrected more effectively.

Improve flexibility

Your range of motion directly affects the power and speed you generate in your swing. Warm up and do stretches pre-game. The more flexible you are, the better you can rotate and execute the golf swing sequence.

Practice your grip

Grip can significantly affect your control over your clubhead. Work on your grip and experiment with different pressures to see what best works for you. The better the grip, the better control you have to generate speed and power, as well as better timing and impact.



Increasing your golf swing speed definitely improves your play. A faster swing can help you create more spin on the ball, which can lead to improved accuracy, control, and distance.

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