How to Know the Correct Stance and Feet Alignment in Golf

on November 04, 2021

Do you struggle on how to align yourself and the golf ball? Do you struggle with your stance to keep a straight shot? It is important for a golfer to know how to adjust and adapt in every game they play. One of these things is ensuring you are in a proper stance and alignment with the ball prior to the hit. 


3 Different Types of Golf Stance 

There are basically 3 different stances in golf that are important when using a certain type of club - driver stance, iron stance and the wedge stance. You don’t only need a good set up, but also a good stance to create a straight and consistent shot.  


Driver Stance  -  A great stance for a golf driver


  • Feet wider shoulder width apart
  • The ball should be opposite of left heel 
  • Left toe widen a little towards the target (right handed)
  • Balanced weight  on your front and back side


Iron/ Hybrid Stance -  If you’re using an iron or hybrid club

Hybrid Pointers: 

  • Feet wider shoulder width apart
  • Ball is slightly forward of the center
  • Balanced weight  on your front and back side 

Iron Pointers:

  • Feet wider shoulder width apart
  • Ball in the center


Wedge Stance  -  Used for shorter shots using wedge clubs


  • Feet narrower shoulder width apart
  • Ball in the middle or slightly back of the stance
  • Low descending shot 


How do you know that your setup is in good stance and feet alignment?

One simple yet effective way to align your feet and ball is the railroad track analogy. Imagine a rail line to your target. One rail line runs to your target while the second rail line is where you set your feet, hips and shoulders parallel to the target rail line. To set up, place your club down and align it with the target first. From there, adjust your body alignment and stance. 


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