How to Maintain Balance During Swing

on September 01, 2021

One of the most common areas neglected during a golf swing is balance. Your alignment is right, your posture and the movement of your swing. However, during the swing, you fall forward, your swing disconnected and you can’t maintain control of your body. Why is that? The main reason is you lost your balance.




Why is balance important?

Balance is a crucial key to a consistent swing. Maintaining your balance throughout the swing enables you to have better control on your speed, tempo and contact at impact. Without it, a golfer or any athlete for that matter is vulnerable to committing issues during their play. Balance and stability is required to perform accurately and achieve your desired results.


What happens when I lose my balance?

Losing your balance could mean inconsistent swing and other issues. You may find yourself falling forward which lowers your body too soon and end up getting thin shots. You fall backward or even swaying during the swing and miss out on getting a solid contact. Poor balance could also lead to injuries.


What causes off-balance during swing? 

Off-balance happens when weight is not transferred appropriately on the toes and heels. Not evenly, but appropriately. Weight distribution happens before and mid swing and maintaining it till the end of swing is crucial. Poor balance is mostly caused by poor set up and force. 


How do I keep my balance during the swing?

A good weight transfer will provide you more movement power, stable stance and solid impact. However, it’s quite tricky. Going to the rule of thumb, your weight should be evenly distributed on your feet which means 50%. However, when you swing, weight should be transferred 75% on the heel during backswing and then shift 75% onto the front during downswing.

Keep your balance by performing drills and using a training aid that helps you become more aware of your weight shift. Being aware of your weight shift allows you to adjust and become more familiar with your balanced body weight throughout the swing.


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