How To Start The Downswing In Golf: Learn the Proper Downswing Sequence

on October 07, 2022
How to start the downswing in golf swing is what many amateur players struggle with. In a golf swing sequence, downswing is the key and heart of a golfer’s stroke. While backswing requires a lot of techniques, the downswing is focused on making a solid and consistent stroke.
Key elements in a downswing sequence:

To master the downswing you need to keep the momentum from backswing to downswing. This requires rhythm, timing, and balance; which can be achieved by the following.

  • Stance
  • Lag
  • Tempo
  • Rotation
  • Wrist hinge
  • Weight transfer


The Proper Downswing Sequence


1# Transition

In golf, the transition from the backswing to the downswing is crucial to a golfer’s stroke. Many amateur golfers make the mistake of rushing through transition, and early release of the built-up energy from the backswing, resulting in an underpowered ball contact.

As you reach the top of your backswing, there should be a pause. One reason for this is maintaining the rhythm and tempo. The proper swing has a 3:1 tempo. This means, your backswing should be 3x longer than your downswing.

You will notice that PGA players have their “pause” before starting their downswing. This is where you allow your body, weight and rhythm to be as one and create movement through impact with perfect harmony and timing.



2# Plant the Left Heel

The swing sequence starts from the ground up and good footwork generates power and stabilizes your overactive upper body. Planting your left heel will help you control your swing as you coil and uncoil. To do this, put the right pressure on the lead foot. It will help maintain your timing and balance throughout the swing sequence.

3# Hip rotation

Right after the transition, it’s time to start the downswing. Your hips initiate the downswing sequence. In the backswing, your hips turn away from the target. In the downswing, however, turn your right hip towards the target. This allows your left hip to follow and rotate properly. When done correctly, your body should be facing the target on the follow-through.

Hips followed by the knees. The downswing sequence starts by rotating the hips towards the target, followed by the knees and the left heel.

Likewise, your hips should rotate first before dropping your hands.

4# Drop the hands

After your hips start to rotate, allow your arms to simply drop toward the ball. This movement in the stroke is where you produce lag. The movement between your body and arms creates lag that helps generate more speed for your clubhead. Your hands and arms don’t really have specific movements here. It simply follows the movement of your body. Therefore, it is best to focus on the pause and getting into the right tempo.



5# Tuck the trail elbow

Your arms should remain passive throughout the swing, and so does your elbow. Keep your trail elbow close to your body to stay within the track. Your checkpoint is that your arms should be close to your rib cage and torso.

6# Maintain the wrist hinge

As you drop your hands, you want to hold your wrist hinge as long as possible. This helps you create better lag and generate speed. Your wrist hinge helps control your clubface back to square prior to impact.

7# Weight Shifts

Keeping your balance is crucial in completing the swing sequence. Weight distribution requires proper transition at every phase of the swing. At the top of your backswing, 75% of your weight should be on your back foot.

In the downswing, however, you start to put more of your weight on the front foot.

75% of your weight should be transferred onto the front foot prior to impact and 90% of your weight in the finish position. 


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