Reverse K in Golf: Significantly Improve Your Golf Striking

on September 23, 2022

What is the Reverse K position?

Have you heard of the Reverse K position in golf? Assuming that you are a right-handed player, did you know that your body forms a Reverse K at the setup? A left-handed player will form the opposite.

The Reverse K position refers to your waist being kinked to the left at the address. In fact, it's almost a natural way to set up, particularly if you find the right balance on your feet. A simple yet extremely effective formation that increases consistency on your ball contact.



 How to set up with Reverse K position

The reverse K setup is almost instinctive. It is a setup position where you bend your knees and turn your hips in the right direction of the target, which is to the left.

Checkpoints of Reverse K position:
  • You are in an athletic position
  • Your knees are bent
  • Your left hip is straight
  • Your right hip is bumped slightly to the left towards your target
  • Your right shoulder dips lower than your right
  • Your right hand is lower than your left



Benefits of setting up in Reverse K

Many players are used to having a centered address position. However, those that have tried the Reverse K position found merits on increasing their ball striking, especially for amateurs and beginners.  
  • Keeps from sliding too far in the swing
  • Prevents swaying tendencies
  • Perfect spine angle
  • More solid contact
  • Staying in the plane through the swing 
  • Increases ball trajectory
  • Increases total carry distance
  • Reduces backspin


Should you try the Reverse K position?  

Yes, definitely! Many amateurs and beginner golf players drastically improved their overall game performance. It makes contact and strikes the ball more consistently.
Good golf starts with the setup and Reverse K setup makes it easier for players to maintain good posture, and angles and prevent common swing issues such as swaying and getting out of the swing plane. 


All powerful swings start with good posture and correct setup.

Bad golf posture is a major power leak. It limits your flexibility and prevents your body from turning correctly giving you less space to acquire speed and power.
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Get into the Reverse K position in the setup and see how it improves your golf shot impact.

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