Square Clubface At Impact: Why Is It Important?

on May 19, 2022
It doesn’t matter how good your swing looks. The final factor is how to impact your clubface properly. Golfers position their club in a square clubface at address but they twist away when they go top of the backswing, leaving the clubface closed or open. One of the common mistakes of golfers is they do not correct their clubface as they come down for a downswing. With very little time interval from backswing to downswing, it is always a struggle to make a square clubface. 


What is a square clubface?


Square clubface is the term we use to describe the clubface at the top of the swing that lies parallel to the plane of the swing.
Two of the most common struggles and impact errors of golfers are open and closed clubface. When your club is even a little bit open or closed, the tendency is you will hit the ball everywhere. 
Open clubface  - This refers to the clubface at the top that faces more downward. This happens when the golfer keeps the clubface open too long to make the ball fly up. This usually results in the ball flying out of the path and curving to the right and thus slicing the ball.  
Closed clubface-  a clubface that faces the sky at the top. Like the open clubface, this also results in out of path and curveballs leaning to the left or hooks.  


Why is a square clubface important?


You should understand that a square clubface makes your impact solid and consistent. It flies your ball farther and straighter. With a square clubface, not only do you keep the slices and hooks at bay, you would rarely miss the greens and fairways as well. 
When you learn how to consistently square your clubface, the less practice you will require to perfect your golf shot. Many golfers lose their touch when they haven’t played for a while. However, knowing the concept of keeping your clubface square will still give you straight and long-distance shots most of the time. 


How to square my clubface consistently?


Many are asking if you should position your square clubface at address. The answer is YES. 
In the address position, set up with your arms stretched out with your clubface square. That’s the secret to consistently keeping a square clubface. Not the impact, not the perfect swing, but keeping your arms stretched. 
If your arms are stretched out and your square clubface at address, then you start your backswing and downswing going back to stretching out your arms, then it is highly likely that your club will remain squared. 



Many players try to manipulate their clubface as they downswing resulting in more faults and issues with their impact. Don’t think too much about the impact. The concept is not hitting the ball on impact with a square face. If you think like this, the more you will struggle in keeping it consistent. 
Rather, keep in mind to always bring and keep your arms stretched out during the swing sequence. Now, we know that the swing is an arc. Therefore, your arms will not be fully stretched out on the point of impact. 
However, letting your arms go and going back to the stretched out position will keep your clubface square and your flight pattern remains parallel from the address position. This makes your ball fly straighter and farther.  



So how do you keep a consistent square clubface? Simply stretch out your arms and square clubface at address. Remember to return it stretched out as you downswing. Forget about the impact. Just keep in mind to stretch out your arms. Try it. Let us know how you fared.