Triangle Drill to Improve Your Golf Swing

on December 13, 2021

Alignment is crucial in your swing. We couldn’t stress this enough. It’s one of the key points and fundamentals of playing golf. Yet, most players, especially beginners struggle to maintain this throughout the swing. As you start learning to play golf, you are always reminded to keep your shoulders, arms, hands and club to be on a certain alignment and form what they call the magic triangle. What is this triangle formation and why is it crucial to your swing? 

What is the “triangle” in golf? 

The triangle in golf refers to the connection and alignment of your arms, shoulders, hands and club during your swing. It is a basic fundamental of golf on how to execute a proper golf swing. The triangle is the imaginary line or image that your hands, elbow and shoulders create as you hold your club. From the point of your hands, elbows to your shoulder, there is a clear “V” formation that is created. Your shoulders aligned serves to complete the triangle.  


Why do you have to maintain the triangle? 

This imaginary triangle is your set up and address position prior to your swing. It is important that you maintain this position from set up to the top of your backswing. Keeping it together is not only the proper way to backswing but also helps you achieve the right tempo, rhythm, force, speed and solid impact in your downswing. Maintaining the triangle provides harmony to your initial swing while at the same time prevents your elbows and upper body from going off sync before your club makes the impact. 


How to maintain the triangle? 

Remember that the triangle should be maintained only from the address position and up to the initial part of your backswing. Holding the triangle throughout the backswing will cause your lead arm to not bend properly. It means that the triangle should only be until your club reaches the waist level. Beyond this, your elbow and wrist bend until the top of your backswing. 

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Triangle drills to improve your golf swing:

One of the simplest yet effective ways to practice and maintain the triangle formation is by putting a ball between your elbows. The goal is to practice your swing from backswing to downswing without dropping the ball. 


You can also practice with SwingPro Plus Trainer

Perfect Triangle -  The SwingPro Plus Trainer and your extended arm should create the perfect Triangle.  

1. Place the tip of SwingPro Plus Trainer on the crevice of your lead shoulder.

2. Grip the handle of the Y-shaped handle with both hands and proper hand placement. 

3. Take your swing stance and fully extend your arms. 

4. Make a backswing motion by rotating your hips and shoulders to your lead arm’s pocket.  Keep your trail arm extended and rotate your hips until your lead shoulder is at the center. 

5. Make sure that you create that perfect triangle shape between your trail arm extension and SwingPro Plus

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