Why Do Most Of My Putts Go To The Right?

on June 24, 2022
Many golfers easily misread the greens, which greatly shocks them when they start missing putts to the right. It’s definitely discouraging. But why do most missed putts go to the right? Pushing putts is a common struggle among golfers, especially beginners. Good thing that it’s a common issue, which means it can be easily fixed to get straighter putts and avoid the annoying misses.


Causes why you’re missing putts to the right

What beginner players don’t understand is the importance of getting the putt properly. Being a few feet away from the hole requires even greater discipline, intention, and focus in your every stroke and movement.

If you are missing putts to right, it is highly likely because of:

Putterface alignment

Alignment is one of the essential fundamentals of golfing and much more so when it comes to short putts. Even studies show the importance of face alignment over stroke path. Most of the time, golfers are not aiming where they think they are aiming. Since you are positioned opposite the target, it is easy to misunderstand your aiming and alignment visually and mentally.

The fix:

Always practice alignment with a straight target. Some golfers use their clubs, strings, and other tools to help them aim better when playing. Whichever method you would prefer, keep in mind that the golf ball will deflect where the face is aimed, and putter face alignment is always a guarantee.

Playing the ball too far back

Assuming that your alignment and aiming are correct and you still keep missing putts to right. This may be because you are standing too far from the ball. It’s one of the major reasons the putts miss to the right. Your tendency is to hit the ball towards the toe of the club.

The fix:

This is a straightforward fix. Simply move closer to the ball and align yourself with the center of the face again. Again, solid contact requires aligning the ball in the center of the clubface.




Too many hands and wrists movement

Putting strokes are much more disciplined and intentional than a full swing. The shaft angles should be well maintained, and the putter face on the square at impact. There is no room for hand and wrist movement. That’s why you will notice professionals that are impressively still, especially when doing short putts. Beginners, however, have too much body movement going on.

The fix:

Take out your hand and wrist action in putting. Your shoulders should control the entire motion of your putting. Swing while keeping your wrist very still. Putts controlled by shoulders are much more stable and consistent than those supported by wrist action. Because you are only a few feet away from the hole, the more you need to control the distance and speed of your stroke.

Missing putts to right could be a matter of perception or strokes. But if you want the easiest and surest way to lower your score, master your putt and short games. SwingPro Plus will help you practice your putts with stabilized shoulders, still wrist, and better posture alignment. Get consistent straighter putts.