Why Is Your Golf Swing Inconsistent?

on October 14, 2022


Have you ever asked why you keep losing your swing and why it’s inconsistent?

One of the most common problems of golfers, especially beginners, is getting inconsistent gameplay. This often results in players unnecessarily changing their golf techniques, golf clubs and increasing frustration towards the game. Your technique is not the problem. It goes down to the basic elements of your golf swing that affect your performance.
Surprisingly, the solution is very easy. Although there are many factors that affect a good swing, tempo and speed are the main key elements in achieving consistent swings.


Why is a consistent golf swing important?

Consistent golf swing will get you a good driver distance, hit the ball solidly, and send it flying close to the target. But what can we do to get rid of inconsistent speed and tempo? What are the common issues that give us this problem, to begin with?



What causes inconsistency in your golf swing?

Common issues that cause inconsistent golf swing:

#1 Too much tension in your hands and less rotation can cause inconsistency in your swing.
Your wrist rotation, chest rotation, hip rotation, and shoulder rotation can be instantly affected if your muscles are too tensed when holding your club.

#2 Off swing tempo.
Do you practice the 3:1 ratio in your swing? A good full-swing rhythm follows a good ratio of 3:1. It means that your counting should be 75% on the backswing and 25% on the downswing. To make it easier, try using these counting methods out loud.

One-two-three - Count one, two from setup position to the top, and three from top to downswing.

#3 Not enough swing speed
Don’t rush your swing. There is nothing wrong with fast and slow swing speed. However, depending on your swing technique and the club you are holding, your golf speed can vary. The solution? Keep practicing until you find the right speed for your swing technique and the club you are holding.

#4 You don’t practice enough
That’s right. Not practicing enough and ditching your lessons can greatly affect your performance. You need to find the speed and techniques that work for you, and that can only be achieved with consistent practice. Familiarizing your golf clubs is also very important.


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There are some great golf practice aids out there and swing trainers that you can use to simulate your golf game be it at home or at work. You can go on the driving range to play and practice, and also extend your practice at home around your house.

Consistency in golf swing gives you better results and a higher chance of getting closer to the target. This also means you are able to perform the swing sequence completely in proper rotation and with better impact. A consistent good swing makes playing golf more fun and encourages your competitive streak.