Golf Swing Alignment Practice Rod
Golf Swing Alignment Practice Rod
Golf Swing Alignment Practice Rod
Golf Swing Alignment Practice Rod
Golf Swing Alignment Practice Rod
Golf Swing Alignment Practice Rod
Golf Swing Alignment Practice Rod
Golf Swing Alignment Practice Rod

Golf Swing Alignment Practice Rod

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Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod is a great golf training aid for beginners, amateurs, and casual players. It corrects movement and posture issues like swing, flight path, positioning, alignment, and speed. Ergonomically designed with an adjustable golf shaft with a ball on its tip and a hinge. Properly place it between shoulder and arm and it creates a triangle that corrects the angle and distance of the arm, body, and club. Master your swing and significantly improve your game. 

Why use Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod ?

Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod addresses common areas of struggles of most amateur golfers by helping them develop muscle memory on the proper and correct backswing, downswing, and even grip. 

It’s a great warm-up and pre-game training aid that sets the arms, hands, forearm, and shoulder into a correct angle and alignment for proper swing sequence and forearm rotation. 

Continuous practice with Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod allows you to have the correct “feel” and setting of your grip and alignment with your club. 

What are the benefits of Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod?

Correct loaded backswing position
Build a better backswing position and maintain it through the downswing. Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod helps you set your forearm and wrist at just the right straight angle and elbow bend. The shaft and ball tip of the training aid helps you achieve a balanced turn and spine tilt for an effective backswing. 

Position proper swing angle and width
Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod is designed for both right and left-handed players. Whether you are a right-handed or left-handed user, this training aid will help your lead arm set to an extended position and comfortable angle. Having the right lead arm extension improves your shoulder turn and range of motion. 

Set proper body alignment
Get aligned and set up the correct body alignment for better golf shots. Body alignment is a fundamental and the most critical part of playing golf. Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod aligns the main parts of your upper body checkpoints for building your swing  -  shoulder, lead arm, hands, and chest. The ergonomic design ensures consistent body alignment in a correct and comfortable position. 

Boost and control your swing power
Constant practice and exercise increase your speed, power, and accuracy in golf shots. Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod allows you to practice and control your alignment which helps you boost and maintain your power during shots. This training aid helps your swing speed, proper shoulder, and hip turn, tempo, and impact position.  

Solve bad alignment and position habits
Get rid of common alignment problems and poor posture using this single and versatile golf training aid. Why is proper alignment important in golf? Poor posture alignment also equals poor plane and path, above the plane backswing, offline pulls, slices, hooks, and poor velocity shot. Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod provides a constant visual aid while instilling muscle memory to your main body parts for correct and proper posture and alignment. Good posture drastically improves your game. 

Remove curves in the spine, hip, and shoulder
Keep your elbows close, your forearm extended, shoulder straight, and your hand on a proper grip. Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod eliminates poor posture providing a constant visual aid and also the correct distance between these checkpoints. The ball on your shoulder, an adjustable hinge that provides a 90-degree angle and handles with a grip guide. By eliminating these curves, it gives your upper body more freedom for rotation.

Achieve consistent shoulder plane line
Improve your plane and path with good posture and shoulder alignment. Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod fixes shoulder alignment and elbow bend for better shoulder turn. A good shoulder turn gives you a better hit on fairways with a good path and distance.

Tension-free arms and swing movements
Having a good posture keeps your elbow close, your arms comfortably straight and free of tension. When your body and arm are tension-free, it creates good rotation which results in a better path. Say goodbye to chicken wings, hooks and slices. A good backswing and shoulder plane translates to better downswing and follow-through. 

How to calibrate Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod :

The proper and correct way of using Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod helps you improve your game by achieving correct posture and alignment, rotation, flexibility and instilled muscle memory. 

Step 1: Select your preferred hinge position.
    1. 3/4 swing  -  Provides a 70-degree wrist set and less hinge.
    2. Full swing  - Creates a 90-degree wrist set and better hinge to keep your head down

Step 2:
  Loosen the screw and adjust the hinge to your preferred position. Tighten it back to secure.

Step 3:  Place your lead hand following the grip guide on the handle and with your free hand, position the ball at the crease of your upper arm and chest.

Step 4: With the ball still in position, adjust the shaft length to the extension of your arm. Make sure that it’s comfortably straight and not stiff. Lock the fastener to secure.

Step 5: Grip the handle with both hands with the butt of the grip pointing towards your thigh. 

Step 6:
Set your alignment and posture properly and prepare for backswing practice. 

How to practice backswing using Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod :

Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod is an effective training device to correct your backswing by providing good posture, alignment, wrist hinge, forearm rotation, and shoulder turn. You aim to use this training aid to familiarize yourself and develop muscle memory on how the proper swing should feel. 

Step 1: Position Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod to your athletic address position which you calibrated. Place the ball at the crease between your upper arm and chest. Grip the handle with two hands following the finger placement guide. 

Step 2: Familiarize your position and alignment. Slowly practice your forearm rotation. 

Step 3:
Position your feet and stance like having an imaginary ball on the ground. Familiarize the spine angle and keep your head looking down.

Step 4:
Practice your backswing. Slowly blend your forearm rotation with your shoulder turn while maintaining eye contact with your imaginary ball.  

How to practice downswing using Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod :

Swing Pro Plus+ helps proper transitioning from backswing and downswing without losing your momentum and power. Avoid swinging halfway down.

Step 1: Allow your arms to fall softly with the grip pressure. Move your pelvis back to  square position while maintaining the lead arm extension

Step 2: Maintain proper hand placement and slowly move down. Reach the halfway down position.

How often should I practice with Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod ?

Constant practice and repetition will reinforce the familiar feeling of proper posture and alignment. This will help instill good muscle memory until it eventually becomes a habit and instinctively your basic position. The recommended practice ratio is 10:1 - this means that 10 rehearsal swings with Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod with every ball hit. 

The best thing about Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod is its portability. Practice your swings during warm-ups in the driveway, at home, in the office, or anywhere you want to practice. 

Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod Features:

Adjustable stroke hinge.
Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod is designed with 2 selections stroke angle 1. 3/4 swing with a 70-degree angle and full swing with a 90-degree angle. Choose your preference by simply moving the hinge and locking it in place.  

Cushioned with grip placement guide handle. Learn not only how to swing but also the proper handgrip by following the placement guide on the handle. The cushion provides a comfortable feel and grip of the handle and prevents slipping. 

Adjustable arm length. A one-size-fits-all adjustable shaft that is made of fiberglass extends up to 110cm in length and can be locked in place. 

Cushioned ball tip. Position the tip of the shaft comfortably with a cushioned ball tip. It sits comfortably on your arm and shoulder without slipping even during constant swing practice. 

Left-handed and right-handed options.  Practice your swings comfortably with your lead arm. Swing Pro Plus Golf Practice Rod has a selection for both right and left-handed players. 



Material Fiberglass, Nylon
Color Black
Size 85cm x 5cm
Length Extends up to 110cm