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Lag Pro Plus

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Create Lag Like A Pro.
 Swing Faster, More Powerful & Farther!

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Lag is a vital element in creating a good consistent golf swing. Although it is a natural movement produced, it is the by-product of good body rotations, proper angles and alignment altogether. Many golfers know the importance of lag in a swing, but still struggle on how to do it. 

By simply creating a proper lag, you can add swing speed, add power, make clean ball contact and send the ball further with accuracy at an extra 20 yards distance. You need to learn how to maximize lag to stop losing your swing and kill your golf play.

LagProPlus is a lightweight and advanced training aid especially designed and engineered to improve swing tempo, rhythm and timing. These are key elements in a swing that helps develop and maximize lag for accurate and powerful shots


Why Use LagProPlus?

LagProPlus makes the perfect training aid for a variety of swing drills. It is designed and weighted like a real golf club to provide golf swing simulation. Golfers, especially amateurs and beginners have no idea which part of their swing had gone wrong that made the ball fly curve. This training aid amplifies each trail movement to highlight common struggles in the swing sequence so you can effectively self-correct. 

LagProPlus amplifies every trailing movement in the swing sequence from address position to follow through. This allows you to monitor and identify the mistakes you commit in your swing. This includes:

  • Lack or loss of lag 
  • Poor or excessive rotation 
  • Poor alignment
  • Heavy or duffed shots
  • No acceleration 
  • Poor timing
  • Poor tempo and rhythm
  • Curved shots 
  • High and short ball flight 


 THE RESULTS: Effortless Lag & Speed, Further Distance, More Accuracy


How to Use LagProPlus ?

Using LagProPlus and performing pre-game drills 3 sets of 15 swings a day, you can easily advance your golf skills in a short amount of time.

LagProPlus is an advanced and straightforward training aid that is helps you gain the lag you need and  100% effective in detecting swing mistakes. Get immediate feedback on your angle, rotation, weight shifts and control.


This training aid allows you to self correct and help you master the fundamentals of swing for efficient execution. 

1. The setup/address position

Designed with a non-slip rubber grip.The handle provides the same feeling as holding a golf club, and the rope is the right length of a regular golf club for a more realistic swing simulation. Set up your grip just like you would with an iron shot or driver.

2. Backswing

In the back swing, the rope should wrap smoothly around your left shoulder as you rotate your body. Practicing swing drills using this training aid will force your movements to slow down and perfect your swing angles. 

You can easily detect back swing issues by the movement of the rope on your body. 

Lack of rotation or low swing angle -  The rope lands below your left shoulder 

Lack of rotation or high swing angle - The rope will land higher on your back usually on the back of your neck or head

3. Downswing

During downswing, timing is needed to distribute weight. Bring your hands in early and allow the rope to lag and overtake your hand in swing. When done correctly, the rope will straighten out and the guide ball set at the correct point of impact. 

4. Follow-through

Finish your swing with a good follow through. When done correctly, the rope should land smoothly around your body. If the rope slaps your back, it means that your rotation and weight distribution was incorrect.  

Practice your golf swing anytime, anywhere! Level up your golf skills by using Golf Swing Tempo Rope Trainer as a pre-game warm up or an exercise tool at home, at work, and in the golf range. 


LagProPlus Features: 

LagProPlus is an all around training aid that covers each phase of the swing sequence.

Each control band position addresses a specific area of the swing sequence and amplifies your mistake for immediate feedback. Practice drills and a variety of swings while showing the level of your improvement. 

  • Control band position - Handle Side 

Improve your lagging. Develop your lag for a more consistent ball striking and better contact. Learn when to allow the clubhead to lag and the proper timing of release for accurate and clean impact. Practicing your lag helps you get you into proper alignment throughout the swing and prevents heavy duffed shots that lead to the embarrassing chicken wings and curved balls.

  • Control band position - Middle

Increase your swing speed. Get speed in through your shot and increase your yardage to lower your score. Develop more speed in your swing by mastering and fully executing the swing sequence. Condition your arm and body to generate higher speeds in swings by getting into the right tempo and rhythm. 

  • Control Band Position - Top

Make an easy transition from training aid to actual golf club. Apply your training and learning without the struggle during the actual play. Designed and engineered to have the right length and weight of a real golf club. This band position increases the feel for the head weight allowing you to adjust and apply everything that you have learned.  Make an easy transition from training aid, driver, wedges and irons. 


What makes the LagProPlus different from other training aids?

There are training aids that help you get into proper alignment, angle, positions and also instill muscle memory. But do you know where you went wrong in your swing? Do you know where you are lacking?

Some training aids also require extra set up time, or designed for one specific area of swing only. Also, the transition from training aid to an actual club is different. This could delay your improvement. But not with LagProPlus. The immediate feedback and monitor your trailing better than any other training aids.