Common Areas Of Struggles Of Most Amateur Golfers

on August 27, 2021

There are definitely certain areas of the game that you will struggle. In fact, not only amateurs commit these common faults but even the ones who had been in the sport for long. We listed down some of the common struggles players encounter on a regular basis and their simple solution. Keep on reading to find out if you’re making these mistakes too.


Not keeping your head still

Getting your head up during the shot or keeping your head down during the shot. You might be asking, is it wrong? You were told to keep your head down. But, professional coaches would tell you differently. The key is to keep your head STILL - chin up and head still. Your head will naturally come up as you hit the ball. As you do, follow the shot and face the target. 


Setting yourself up far from the ball 

Probably the most common of all mistakes is seeing players standing too far away from the ball. This however is very easy to rectify with proper training and discipline. How do you know if you’re at the correct ball distance? The maximum distance of your club’s butt should be at least a fist or 3 inches away from your left thigh. You can easily measure and maintain this distance. This allows your hands to naturally hang on the shoulders and get into the right posture and alignment. 

Incorrect posture and alignment

Incorrect alignment results in poor aim. This is detrimental to your shot’s consistency. Keeping a good alignment throughout the entire shot is a common struggle for most amateur golf players. Proper alignment means leveling your club to the middle of your feet and your feet spread to shoulder length and your arms extended together forming the perfect triangle. This alignment allows your shoulders, arms, and torso to blend together in the same movement during the swing. Where your body goes is where your golf ball goes.


Wrong grip 

Grip strength is important but getting the right hand placement is one of the fundamentals in golf. The common mistake of amateur golfers is that they tend to wrap their right hand on the grip in the palm too much. Commonly, left hand, with the left thumb is the preferred hold of most players. However, when you wrap your palm too much, this makes the club’s ball hook low and to the left which makes the tendencies for fat and thin shots.

Address these common golf struggles by practicing the correct positioning of your body. It takes discipline and a lot of practice. SwingPro Plus helps you get into the right swing motion and body alignment. It is important that you learn how it “feels”  and be “on target”. Training with this device will instill muscle memory so you can be more aware of the right feel and adjust to the needs of your game. 

SwingPro Plus is a portable training aid that helps stabilize your stance for easier weight distribution throughout the swing. This golf trainer trains you to steady your legs instead of the spine and tunes in the body to create and maintain the balance to achieve the proper posture. Improve your balance and increase your distance and accuracy.


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