Is Swing Pro Plus effective? 

Yes. Swing Pro Plus is a simple yet very effective golf training aid. It’s a versatile tool that helps resolve posture and alignment issues most amateur golfers struggle with like slices, hooks, chicken wings and even no velocity shots. It is ergonomically designed to help improve your swing and blend your arms, shoulders and chest in proper alignment. Swing Pro Plus helps you develop muscle memory by familiarizing the proper alignment and posture of your main body checkpoints during swings.  

Can I use Swing Pro Plus even if I’m left-handed? 

Yes. Absolutely. Swing Pro Plus is designed to be used by both left-handed and right-handed players.


How long does it take to process my order?

It takes 3 business days to process your order upon order placement and confirmation.


How many days to expect delivery?

10-30 business days. (There will be delays caused by Shipping Carriers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it may take additional 1 - 3 weeks longer than usual due to custom clearance procedures.)

The delivery periods as provided are indicative only.

  • The estimated shipping time does not include possible customs delays.
  • The general and specific holidays in the destination country are not taken into account.
  • We can not be held responsible for missing the estimated delivery periods.
  • In the case of product returns, delivery fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

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What swings can I practice with Swing Pro Plus?

Swing Pro Plus is designed to help amateur golfers with their backswing and downswing. The special and versatile designs help the player maintain proper posture and alignment through comfortable arm extension, forearm rotation and shoulder turn. By consistently practicing your swing, you will eventually familiarize the feel of proper positioning of your body and be able to control your swings and even your follow-through. 

How often do I have to use Swing Pro Plus to see improvement? 

The recommended ratio of this training device is 10:1  - 10 swing rehearsals for each ball hit.  What’s good about this training aid is its portability allows you to practice your swings indoors and outdoors anytime, anywhere. You can choose to practice with it during warm up sessions or practice it while at home, in the office or virtually anywhere. 

Will it extend to a comfortable length if I have long arms?

Swing Pro Plus can extend from 49cm up to 110 cm. It is designed with an adjustable shaft so you can adjust it according to your arm’s extension. When calibrating its length, make sure that your arms are extended comfortably straight and not stiff to give you more rotation freedom. 

How will I know if I’m holding the device right? 

Swing Pro Plus handle is cushioned and ergonomically designed with a hand placement guide. Your hands should be placed comfortably following the guide. It is designed and molded with a standard-size to fit most hands types and sizes. 

Does Swing Pro Plus affect my flexibility? 

Swing Pro Plus should help you improve your flexibility by training your alignment and posture to achieve good forearm rotation and shoulder turn. It improves your range of motion while also restricting your movements to go over the top or half way down. The correct posture position trains your body to bend and tilt on the correct side. 

Will Swing Pro Plus work for me if I’m short or too tall?

The recommended height  limit for Swing Pro Plus is from five foot and six foot eight. The adjustable shaft can be extended up 110 cm.