Forgetting About Golf Fundamentals

on July 08, 2021

Do you know the most important thing in golf? Swing position? Strategy? Golf club? All these factors are all in vain if the strike quality and performance are poor. The most important thing in golf is connecting the club to the ball. The fundamentals of golf and strike quality begin in the muscle -  movements and rotation. These movements and rotations include muscles on the hips, biceps, lead arms, pelvis, and shoulder. 

Forgetting about golf fundamentals could be costly and could lead to injuries. The golf swing is a complex movement that requires your whole body to move in sync to propel the ball at a great distance and with accuracy.  It’s a blend of movement of your upper and lower body with a coordinated sequence. Let your body coordinate its movements. 

In changing or tweaking swing speed and technique, it could significantly affect the outcome of your strike and contact. Remembering the basics allows you to have a better swing approach, contact, and control. This is something even average and pro golf players often forget when they focus too much on strategy and equipment choice.  

What are golf basics you need to remember? 



Grip  - The way you’re holding onto your clubs. Know the proper ways of gripping the clubs.
Stance - Set up your position and alignment to the ball
Aim - Aim your clubface towards the target while keeping your body position in parallel of your lead arm.


Swing Basics

Balance - Staying connected to your swing and having the control to your club
Tempo -  Your rhythm from backswing to follow-through

Constantly and slowly improving your swing without forgetting about golf fundamentals will help you enjoy the sport better. Doing simple pre-game drills and warm-up will help you maintain good muscle memory of the basics.

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