Golf Club Maintenance: Golf Club Groove Cleaning and Repair

on December 12, 2021

Grooves on wedges tend to wear down and become duller after many shots. Overtime, unmaintained golf clubs affect your performance. Although many players change their plates in a year, it is always best to keep them longer by doing maintenance work. Cleaning and repairing word-down grooves can save you a few more bucks. 

How to Clean Your Clubs 

Warm soapy water -  Remove debris and build ups from between the grooves by using warm soapy water. Liquid dish detergent is the best choice and a soft scrub brush can do the trick. 

Masking tape  - Cover the ends of your groove with a tape to prevent any damage on your club face. You don’t want any scratch or damage in case you accidentally slip off the groove sharpener.

Set in 45-degree angle  -  Sharpen your groove by setting your sharpener at a 45-degree angle. This allows you to control your force during the process. Run the groove repair tool at least five times or until you see the surface of the groove.  

Follow the USGA standard depth. There is a restriction for a club’s groove depth. Your groove shouldn’t exceed beyond 0.02 inches as per USGA standard. So you have to be very careful when re-grooving your club. 

Why use a Golf Club Groove Repair Tool?

It cleans the surface of your club
It removes dirt build ups and debris
Brings back your grooves shine and sharpness
Maintains your groove shape


How often should you sharpen your grooves? 

You will notice that your club eventually becomes duller, no longer in its original shape and is not creating the needed friction during spin. When these things are noticeable and affect your accuracy during shots, it is time to clean up your groove.

There is no standard amount of how often you should re-groove your club. However, you have to be careful on overdoing it to maintain the standard depth and prevent your clubs from having too wide grooves. 

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