How to Fix Slice When Swinging

on June 05, 2022

What is a slice in golf?


Slice is when you make an impact with an open clubface and your ball ends up going to the right or off course.  It’s a very common swing issue and with easily distinguishable causes. Pronounced slices have quick fixes which you apply and practice during your swing. 



What causes a slice?


There are several factors that cause slices in your swing. You can be doing one or two faults or all of it. Although swing techniques also include relying on your instincts, there are things that have to be consistent. We can never stress enough that basics and fundamentals are essential in every aspect of your swing.  


Faults you might be doing that causes slice:


Open club face

Perhaps the most common cause of slice is an open clubface. The reason for this is incorrect grip as you take your hand position. The way you hold your golf club can cause your grip to loosen or have a “weak grip”. Many right handed players put their left hand in a weak position which causes them to rotate outward as they swing. This leaves the club face open and hence, causing a slice. If you are right-handed, your hand would rotate to the right. It’s a simple knowledge that requires adjustments when it comes to hand position.

Over-rotating your shoulders

Over-the-top slice happens when shoulders twist towards the target to square the clubface. The momentum of the clubface should lead your body not the other way around.  When your shoulder leads the downswing, the tendency is you stop or restrict your downswing rotation too soon. 

View of your Swing Path

Many golf swing mistakes start with wrong setup and ball position. Your setup is crucial to your swing path. Alignment of feet, knees, shoulders and hips should be on the same vertical plane and parallel to the target line or in simple analogy, similar to a train track. This is a visual challenge for most golfers which directly affects the trajectory of their ball. 


How to stop slicing? 


Stop creating slices by fixing the mentioned common causes. The remedies are always the basics and you only need to be aware to consistently practice and know it by instinct. 

Find your natural hand position

Prevent your thumbs to go on the top of the grip. For most players, an ideal left-hand grip is seeing two or three knuckles as they set up. As for the right hand, it should cover the left thumb and the right palm facing the target. Your lead hand should be maintained and relaxed to provide you better control.. 

Keep your tempo

Creating and maintaining your tempo will prevent you from getting ahead of the ball. Your tempo will allow your body to complete your swing rotations and transitions without breaking your arm and body connection. Allow your arms to pass your body and square the face. It should be your clubhead that leads the downswing.

Beat the slice by fixing the root cause. Being aware and consistent of your basics helps you gain more experience and knowledge of your play.