How To Stop Overactive Hands In Golf Swing

on September 28, 2022
Hitting a lot of hard hooks and slices? It could be because of overactive hands in golf swing, especially, during the transition. We get it, you want to generate more speed and power into your swing. However, using your hands and arms to achieve this could give you the opposite result instead.

Overactive hands and arms can cause you to resist the natural movement of your body in the swing and could take you off the correct swing path, leading of course to a slew of slices and hooks.


Keep Your Arms Passive

You probably have heard your coach or other players tell you to ‘quiet your hands'.
Generating power in the golf swing comes from the bigger parts of your body. You will want to use your core muscle and lower body rather than your hands, wrist and arms. Simply put, your chest, torso, hips, and legs help you gain more power.

The passive arms concept refers to storing the energy from the backswing before it is released on impact. There should be no movement of your arms. However, it doesn’t mean that it should be limp. In fact, it should be extended.

Why are my hands overactive?

Throwing your hands and arms during a swing could ruin your entire swing sequence. Not to mention, gives you an underpowered golf shot. Taming your hands and arms is more effective if you are aware of the problems.

Reason for overactive arms and hands:

  • Too much tension on arms and hands
  • Your grip is too strong
  • Your wrist is active in the takeaway
  • Your lower body rotation is incomplete
  • Going over the top


    How to stop overactive hands in the golf swing

    The key to keeping overactive hands tamed is correct setup position and proper rotation. This will help you gain better control of your swing as well as create power in your golf shot.

    #1 Correct posture in the setup
    Position the ball correctly and adjust your setup. Be sure that you’re not too close or too far from the ball. Extend your arms and make adjustments on your forward swing.

    # 2 Relax your arms
    Remember, there is no wrist action on your takeaway until your club and arms are on your hips level. As you move your hand on the top of your backswing, fold your wrist. This should lessen the tension in your forearms.

    #3 Turn with your shoulders not with your arms
    Your shoulders should lead your club to the top of your backswing, not your arms. Instead of your arms pulling your upper body backward, allow your shoulders to help push your arms backward as you rotate.

    #4 Let momentum help tame your arms in the swing
    Don’t fight your body’s natural movement as it completes the backswing and makes the transition. Instead of trying to straighten your arms through muscle effort, allow momentum to assist.

    #5 Don’t abruptly stop at the top of your backswing
    Decelerate your club, not stop at the top of your backswing. Abruptly stopping as you reach the top of the backswing will kill the momentum and release the power generated in your club.

    Decelerate and naturally forward swing with your hips and legs. This will also allow your shoulders to move forward naturally. Consequently, your shoulders will drive your arms forward.

    #6 Swing through contact
    As you swing forward, hinge your wrist naturally and swing through impact. Rotate your forearm to bring back your clubface square prior to contact. Getting the clubface square at impact requires great timing. While approaching the ball, the clubface should be squaring slowly as you rotate your torso.



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    Key Points to remember:

    • Conserve energy for impact
    • Decelerate at the top of the backswing
    • Passive arms, not limp
    • Focus on your core and lower body to generate power
    • Let momentum takeaway your arms through contact

    Taming your overactive hands in golf swing is a recurring issue many amateurs and beginners struggle with. However, the key is to always go back to the basics. By simply correcting your posture and having the proper setup position, you will be able to fix a slew of golf swing problems.
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