New Year’s Resolution for Golfers: Make a Swing Change

on January 09, 2022
Mastering your swing or making a change in your swing is very crucial to a player. Having your own technique helps you improve your gameplay and enjoy the sport all the more. This also shows significant improvements in your golf skill. 
However, making changes to your swing requires going back to the very fundamentals and basics of the swing. This helps you make relevant and thoughtful modifications to master and make a swing your own.



Do I need to change my swing?


Changing your swing should help improve your performance and not make you lose your game. When you decide to make a change on your swing, it should be to address certain issues with your swing and gameplay. You make changes to work on the essential factors such as grip, posture, stance, tempo, alignment, and more. 
As a golfer, it is important to constantly monitor the details of your swing regardless of how small to make sure that you are always on top of your game.  
However, making a drastic change especially a major one on your swing could actually do your performance harm more than good. Especially, if one is lacking an understanding of the fundamentals and skills necessary. 
If you plan to make changes with your swing, first you need to establish your basics. By that, it means mastering the very core of what makes a good swing - alignment. 



How Do I Improve My Golf Body Alignment?


Alignment is the most important basics and fundamentals of golf that one should not overlook. The principle of aiming at your target with the right position, angle, distance, and alignment for maximum accuracy is one of golf’s basic lessons.  
Misalignment is one of the most overlooked and most common errors golfers commit. However, professionals and golf enthusiasts are well aware that a good aim comes from good posture and body alignment. If the alignment of shoulders, head, hips, knees and feet are wrong, this will lead to a limited range of motion and result in swing inconsistency.



Four main areas to check for good body alignment:


  • Shoulders
  • Forearms
  • Hips
  • Feet


Why do you need to keep using training aids for your alignment?


There are many golf training aids, but they are basically about the basics and fundamentals of the said sport. SwingPro plus for instance, helps you get into your stance properly. From toe line, shoulder, hips, face, and shoulders, it serves as a guide on how to stand over the ball and execute your swing sequence properly.


Why do you need to keep taking lessons?


You can’t just tweak and modify your swing on your own. You need a professional or a PGA pro to help you identify your swing and game issues. That alone makes a huge difference. Continuing to take lessons as you master your swing helps you get that professional’s eyes and diagnosis to really achieve any change you want to make.
Also, golf training aids can be vital especially for beginner players. It makes lessons easier and speeds up techniques and forms for a perfect swing. Alignment training aids such as SwingPro Plus are the most common training aid for beginners recommended by professional golfers and coaches. It is consistent in providing visual aid and good muscle training to correct body alignment making it easier to set up.


What you need to understand before making a change on your swing.


If one of your golfer’s new year’s resolutions is to make a change on your swing, you have to understand that it might take some time and can be a long process. Before making any modification on your swing, however, it is important that you have already mastered the basics  - grip, alignment, stance, posture, and address position. Otherwise, any changes you make in your swing will not only make things more difficult but could ruin your game.  
Without mastering the fundamentals, it is hard to make any possible changes in your swing. Not only can it cost you to lose your game, but also puts you at a higher risk of injury. Master your swing basics, then slowly integrate the change you want to make in your swing. Take it slow. Understand the process and keep practicing over and over again until you make significant changes in your game. 

Happy New Year!