Proper Hip Rotation: Why It Helps Improves Your Swing

on May 29, 2022


Why is having a good range of motion important? 

Having a flexible and good hip rotation can increase your swing’s consistency and lessen the inaccuracy of the shot.  Being able to rotate your body properly sends your ball to the direction you want with good rhythm and tempo. Alignment is crucial in the set up, but throughout the swing, how your body moves determines how far you could fly that golf ball. 


What makes a good hip rotation? 


Address position

It is crucial that you get into the right alignment and posture during set up and address position.  Being too close or too far the ball will significantly affect your hip rotation during backswing. The key to a good rotation is twisting  - not swaying and definitely by moving side to side. 


Hip rotation during backswing is one of the most critical parts. This is where you draw your power and tempo. To properly rotate your hip, twist your upper body in an upward spiral motion. As you twist, keep your hips over the ball and your feet stuck on the ground. As mentioned, your hips being far or too close on the ball will make it harder for you to rotate during downswing. 




Control of your hip rotation is the key to maintaining accuracy during downswing. To do this, as you reach the top of your backswing, control and maintain the connection of your upper body and hip until your club face hits the ball. Disconnection of the upper body during hip rotation makes it harder for the player to shift weight and often leads to swaying. 


Hip rotation is an essential part of the swing process. It starts from the address position and throughout the finish. As you made your downswing and impact, the hip rotation does not stop there. You should maintain the rhythm and momentum of the rotation until the end of your swing. Rotation during the finish part is to maintain that weight transfer balance.



Drills to Improve hip rotation using Golf Swing Motion  Trainer: 

Learn and improve your hip rotation using Golf Swing Motion  Trainer. This drill will improve your rotation range while maintaining your balance and stance. 
  1. Place the Golf Swing Motion Trainer behind your back with the Y-shaped handle on your lead arm side. 
  2. Hold both ends on each side with. Each arm should be on the 90 degrees angle
  3. Take your swing stance. Slowly turn your hips in backswing rotation. 
  4. Rotate in your lead arm side until your lead shoulder is aligned to your center.  
  5. Repeat the process on your downswing, follow-through and finish swing.