Shortened Backswing: Improve Your Overall Game

on May 31, 2022
Backswing is one of the most difficult to master in the swing sequence. Getting into the right position and knowing where to stop your backswing is a common struggle for many golfers. Their tendency is to overswing thinking it could give them better power. But instead, it’s making it difficult to keep a square clubface on impact. The length of the backswing plays a big role in your game. Many use golf training aid to shorten backswing and improve their impact and performance. 

Is My Backswing Too Long


The length of the backswing matters. Poor impact and swing issues mostly happen during the backswing. Most high handicappers struggle with over the top swings. Although there are some that can hold long backswings and still create a solid impact, shortening the backswing works for most players. With the help of golf training aid to shorten backswing to master better impact and distance with consistency. 



Why Do Golfers Overswing


Causes of long backswing:


  • Lack of balance
  • Over-rotating the lower body
  • Incorrect setup position
  • Wrong lead arm movement, and direction
  • Loss of proper distance and spine angle
  • Wrong timing and sequencing


How Do You Know If You’re Overswinging?


The backswing requires the most feeling and sensing to get to the right position of the top and of the backswing. So how do you know if you’re going too far?
  • The wrist bend too much
  • Your arms can’t stop at the right point and angle
  • Your lower body is not in sync with your shoulders
  • Your impact timing is off 
  • The clubhead catches up with your body
  • Struggle to keep a square clubface



Should I Shorten My Backswing


Shortening your backswing means stopping at the point that your club is parallel. You reduce the distance between the arms, shoulders, wrist, and club before moving the downswing. There are many golf training aid to shorten backswing effectively.

Why do you want to shorten your backswing

A shorter backswing offers many benefits to golfers, especially amateurs. It improves your overall game and performance making it easier to lower your handicap. Shorter swings are best for beginners, amateurs, seniors, and players that have struggled with their energy and rotation. That’s why golf training aid to shorten backswing are more popular to self-correct overswinging or going over the top.


Benefits of shortened backswing:

Solid Impact

Accuracy is one of the benefits of shortening the backswing. Because of the reduced distance, it is easier to maintain the angle and keep the clubface square. With better accuracy, the player can make solid contacts which also translate to straighter and longer shots. 


Better timing 

Players with longer backswings get out of sync with their upper body and lower body movement. A shortened backswing prevents the disconnection of alignment between the club with the arms, shoulders, and head messes up the rest of the swing sequence. It reduces issues such as chicken wings, slices, and hooks.


Weight Distribution 

Another benefit of the shortened backswing is having a firm stance and balance. Going over the top or overswinging makes uneven and mistimed weight transfer. This causes the alignment to disconnect, sway, and worst injury. 



An accurate golf shot comes from the overall execution of the swing sequence. With a shorter backswing, it is easier to maintain all the key elements that make a good swing - angle, alignment, balance, and rotation. Keeping these points in check results in a more consistent shot and better distance. 



A shortened backswing not only guarantees a square clubface and better impact but also better timing, balance, accuracy, and control of golf shots with consistency. If you’re struggling with overswinging the backswing, eliminate this error by using a golf training aid to shorten backswing. 
Look forward to our next content to learn the best ways to shorten your backswing.