Stop Swinging Too Hard: How To Control Your Swing

on January 16, 2022


Every golfer wants to see their ball fly off the distance in just a swing. Many amateur players make the common mistake of swinging too hard with their driver. Although it’s satisfying to make your tee shot go off into the distance, not knowing how to control your swing results in poor swing quality overtime. It can cause inconsistencies and worse, make you miss your strike.



How do you keep your swing under control? 


One of the notions why golfers hit their driver hard is that the harder you swing, the farther the ball goes. It’s not.  In fact, it might even ruin your performance and give you unwanted results. There is a difference between a powerful swing vs a hard swing. A powerful swing can look smooth but is full of force to send off the ball into the distance. It’s a combination of balance, tempo, speed and yes, basic proper alignment.  

What to keep in mind when producing a powerful swing

Keep your Balance. Yes, balance. You can swing fast and hard but make sure to maintain your balance and posture. Easier said than done though. Keeping your balance means keeping control on your momentum right from the address position to impact and follow through. Without balance, you will struggle in your timing and therefore lose the proper chance to gain speed.  


Don’t rush your swing. Maximizing your power requires room to gain and control your swing. Therefore, it is important to provide room for your acceleration by properly aligning yourself to the target. Distance from your target from the address position is very crucial. Proper shoulder alignment provides you room to prepare on your backswing and a good range of rotation as you bring down your club to strike. 


Build speed by using your lower body. The rule of thumb is, the lighter your club, the faster speed you can make. Speed build up is effectively gained on your lower body. Your hips most specially are in charge of the crucial turn during downswing.  Proper twisting of your hips can add distance to your swing. 




Stay within your swing capacity. It would be helpful to know your average distance per swing. This will help you control and estimate your power and speed with any given club. It would be nice to soar off your tee shot a couple of hundred yards, but forcing yourself to make a shot that is not within your range often results in inconsistencies instead. 
Choose the right club. Knowing what club to use will help you execute your swing effectively to get your desired results. Picking the right club reduces your tendency to swing too hard to compensate for the needed speed and power.  
By combining these factors  - balance, alignment, speed and body rotation, you can create a powerful and consistent swing.


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