The Importance of Correct Alignment

on August 28, 2021

Playing golf, you probably heard all the time to keep your alignment. But why is it important to keep a correct alignment before, during and after a swing? Does it actually make any difference with your performance?  

Yes. Correct alignment also equates to better and consistent golf shots.  


Why is alignment important? 

Learning or developing swing techniques is one of the goals of most golf players. What they forget is that by altering their swing technique, it also changes their body alignment. In the end, they were surprised how their shots were not properly aimed. This is due to loss of posture. No matter the swing technique, alignment should remain consistent.


What happens if you lose your proper posture? 

Losing your posture and alignment throughout your swing has an effect on your overall performance. Just think of it this way, a change in angle could mean missing your shot 15 yards. 

  • Change in setup angle
  • Change in aim 
  • Less impact on the clubface
  • Less flexibility
  • Possible injuries 

How do I keep proper alignment?

It is important that you set up with correct alignment with the target, then proper body alignment to the clubhead. This way, you can have more consistent swing on plane and accurate shots.

Proper alignment checklist:

  • Ball placement
  • Feet position>
  • Legs width apart
  • Hips posture

4 main parts of alignment:

  • Shoulder
  • Forearms
  • Hips
  • Feet

Like any other drills and techniques, alignment in golf also requires practice. It takes a conscious effort to keep your posture. One practice you can do is to instill muscle memory of proper golf set up. Instilling muscle memory provides you the proper feel when setting up. Golf Swing Motion Trainer for instance, will help you set yourself in proper alignment before, during and after the swing. It is a good warm up and drill device to practice on pre-game or even during practice at home.

SwingPro Plus is a portable training aid that helps stabilize your stance for easier weight distribution throughout the swing. This golf trainer trains you to steady your legs instead of the spine and tunes in the body to create and maintain the balance to achieve the proper posture. Improve your balance and increase your distance and accuracy.


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