Too Much Tension In Hands And Arms

on August 23, 2022
There are a lot of factors that could affect your swing - tempo, alignment, and setup are the most common issues faced by beginners and amateur players. However, one of the subtle issues that no one seemed to notice is the tension of the grip. Yes, your tension kills your golf swings. Gripping your golf club tightly could bring tension to your lead arm and wrist which oftentimes affects your power control making you lose your speed - less speed, less distance.


Why do you need to relax your arm and wrist?

Keeping your left arm relaxed as you make your backswing is a common struggle to many amateur players. If you are a right-handed player, you know that the left arm is responsible for creating the width of your swing arc. The left arm maintains the connection of your upper and lower body connection as you move from backswing to downswing. If your left arm is full of tension, you are likely to break this connection as you pivot. This results in losing the power in your impact and release of maximum speed as you swing.


How to get rid of tension in your hands and arms?


Like any other routine, getting rid of tension in your golf swing also takes practice and awareness. Fortunately, it is something that you can reduce by performing simple drills and remembering some pointers before hitting the ball.  Here are easy-to-follow tips to reduce tension in your swing. 
Correct your grip.  A consistent grip significantly improves your swing. One of the causes of wrist and arm tension is gripping your club tightly. Perfect your grip by learning the proper hand positioning. Find the most comfortable golf grip for you and evaluate the tension your grip may be causing you.
Correct your grip pressure. If you’re gripping your club too tightly, you are likely to lose control of your strikes. Tight grip not only causes tension to your arm and wrist but to your back and neck as well. However, gripping your club loosely or freely results in losing your tempo and prevents you from maximizing your power as you strike. Your aim is to learn how to grip with relaxed but firm. 
Take a deep breath. Yes. Controlling and reducing the tension in your entire body can be improved by taking deep breaths before swinging. Even pros, if you notice, are taking deep breaths and trying to relax prior to making the shot. This pre-shot habit is simple and very effective. 
SwingPro Plus is specifically designed with hand placement guides. Practice your drills to improve your swing, tempo, alignment, hand placement, rotation, and yes, reducing tension.


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