Why Golfers Struggle To Create Lag

on April 03, 2022


If you are an avid golfer or golf enthusiast, you probably heard the jargon “lag”. Some might be familiar with it, others may not. But the lag is a crucial element that makes all the difference in a golf play. While others understand its fundamentals, not many golfers still struggle to produce it.

Learn what exactly is lag and how do you create it.

What is lag?

The simplest definition of lag is the movement or trailing of the golf club right after the backswing. This moment is the key element that completes a good swing and a great shot.

Lag is the result or by-product of everything you’ve done in your swing right from address position to the backswing. The right angle, alignment, and rotation of your body lead to developing lag as you make your downswing.

As you trail your golf club, you are producing lag, and within that time your lag is developing, it is also the crucial moment where you add your speed and power to finish off a good shot. It’s all about the timing of putting everything together.

This is why creating lag is important. This is why learning how to develop lag in your swing is important

Why golfers struggle to create lag


Executing proper swing sequence

Proper swing sequencing has a lot to do with lag. As aforementioned, lag is a result of everything in your swing - from address position, backswing, downswing, and follow-through.

The entire swing sequence requires all the basics and fundamentals of a swing, from maintaining your angle and alignment and upper body rotation. Overdoing or underdoing any parts of the sequence causes you to overcompensate the remaining swing sequence which limits your chance to develop a proper lag. This will kill your golf swing and play altogether.

Alignment and angle

Some golfers struggle to maintain their angle and alignment as they go through the swing sequence. One important key point in a golf swing is that your shoulders, forearms, knees, and hips should be in line or parallel to your feet. As well as your hands creating a triangle and maintaining your arms to hang down naturally.

Alignment not only is important in aiming for your target, but it is the starting point of your swing. Meanwhile, maintaining a good angle of 45 degrees allows your club to move and trail naturally as the swing sequence progresses.

Rhythm and tempo

Timing is everything when it comes to sports, and golf is no different. Golf is not a game of strength or speed, but all about the right timing. Although rhythm and tempo are often used in a golf swing they are not the same.

Tempo refers to the speed of your swing - swinging fast or slow. Your swing tempo helps you generate the needed force and control in your swing. Knowing the right tempo for your club's swing helps you have better control of your speed and consequently your golf shot.

Meanwhile, rhythm is the order of how your swing moves. Regardless of your swing goes fast or slow in tempo, it can have the same rhythm as it progresses with every movement. Rhythm allows you to have the proper timing for a smoother swing resulting in better accuracy and clean-cut impact.

Lag is a combination of these vital elements in a swing to result in other crucial elements that complete a great shot


How lag improves your swing

Creating a good lag helps boost your clubhead speed by 6-10mph. This means, just by producing lag, you can send your ball flying an extra 20 yards. Combining the right angle, alignment, tempo, and rhythm, you can develop a proper lag that allows you to add more speed and power to your swing.

Swing speed and power

Lag gives you the right timing on when to load and unload your energy, thus resulting in good swing speed and power.

Accuracy and distance

Combining timing with the right speed and power helps you achieve a better and clearer impact. Lag increases your accuracy. The better the accuracy, the better the distance of your ball flight. The more distance you create, the fewer approach shots you need to play the course.

Lag is a powerful element in a golf swing and yet remains an elusive skill considered by many golfers, especially beginners. Proper swing sequence is the key to creating lag. Identifying the faults in your swing helps you correct every part of the sequence better.

Learn how to naturally and effortlessly create a lag in your golf swing.


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