Why is Learning the Golf Swing So Difficult?

on August 07, 2021

Golf is fun to watch and many would think it’s easy to play. Stand and hit the ball using your club. Little do they know that this sport requires a lot to learn. Do you find perfecting your swing hard? You’re not alone. In fact, many have spent time practicing, reading, and taking golf lessons to master their swing technique. Yet, some haven't even come close even after hitting thousands of golf balls. Why is Learning the Golf Swing So Tough?


Here are some of the probable reasons:


You only learned it recently

Yes. Age has something to do with you having difficulty learning golf. Think of it this way, Tiger Woods started playing golf at the age of 3! A large majority of professional golfers started playing when they were kids. According to psychologists, learning something as an adult is different from children. A large number of amateur golfers learned to play the sport in their teens, twenties, and later in life. As an adult, you already formed your opinions and always revert back to things that are logical. However, golf swings are one of those things deemed illogical -  swing should be powerful but effortless. In a logical mind, how can you not put effort to make something powerful?  But before taking your swing, don’t your muscle and instinct tell you something is off with your swing?


You force your swing

The golf swing is mostly an intuitive thing and not difficult to do at all. What makes it difficult is forcing your swing to hit a certain distance, reach a certain power or reach full swings. Forcing your swings and doing subtle changes can actually result in inconsistency. Don’t try to create the perfect swing. That’s what makes it difficult. Instead, remember the fundamentals and swing your swing. You need to realize what you’re doing wrong, not create or change your swing.,/span>



You lack the knowledge

New equipment? New club? Sure. A new club or latest club however will not help you improve your game if your swing is ineffective. Does taking lessons help? Yes. However, it is crucial that you understand the bad habits you need to get rid of and your perceived flaws on your swing. It goes back to trying to be logical and manipulating your swing. Taking lessons from a pro will help you practice better and help you understand “your” swing. 


Your equipment doesn’t match your game 

Clubs are crucial to becoming a better golf player. However, a common problem for players is not having the right equipment and not knowing which is better suited to the game. The solution is to customize your club to properly meet your needs. You can visit your local club maker to make the adjustments. Also, learn which club is best for which part of the driving range. 


You don’t have the patience 

Patience is very important in mastering your swing. Unfortunately, not many golfers have the patience to practice as pros do. It’s not the number of swings or how often you go to the driving range to practice. You can hit thousands of golf balls and still not improve after months and years. Why? The patience required is patience for understanding what isn’t working on your swing and taking your time to know what works on your every shot and mastering it. 


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