SwingFlex Golf Swing Training Aid
SwingFlex retraceable shaft gives real-time feedback on your swing speed, power, timing and direction.
Golf Swing Trainer
Swing trainer
Golf Swing Trainer
Swingflex improves your golf swing tempo
Train your grip and swing tempo from backswing to downswing.
SwingFlex Golf Training Aid
Better swing control and tempo
Practice SwingFlex daily will improve swing tempo and timing
SwingFlex Specification
Learn proper grip position
SwingFlex Weighted Head resemble a real golf club
The weighted head and flexible shaft follows the rhythm of your arms and upper body.
SwingFlex - Your Ultimate Golf Tempo Trainer
SwingFlex extend and retrace based on your swing rhythm

SwingFlex Golf Swing Training Aid - Special Offer

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SwingFlex Golf Trainer Special Offer

Swing Tempo plays a key role in the consistency and accuracy of your shots.

Swing Trainer

Improve your golf swing, learn the proper grip and increase your flexibility and muscle strength. All this by using a SwingFlex Golf Swing Training Aid. By learning and developing your golfing skills, you get to enjoy more of your favorite sport and reduce the chances of injury while playing. 


SwingFlex provides instant feedback on swing tempo
  • Get a good warm up.  Practice your swing and get yourself a good warm up. Our SwingFlex Golf Swing Training Aid is a great tool for practicing different swinging techniques. This gives your upper body the much needed workout and warm up before the real play. 
SwingFlex retraceable shaft helps to improve swing tempo
  • Improve your swinging tempo. Golfing requires a good swinging tempo for long powerful shots and higher hitting accuracy. The weighted head and flexible shaft follows the rhythm of your arms and upper body. The shaft flexes allowing you to get into the swing tempo. 
SwingFlex improve swing tempo
  • Improve your muscle strength and flexibility. The SwingFlex Golf Swing Training Aid  is retractable from 38cm up to 67cm allowing you to get into the right height and body position for swinging. It’s flexible and uses a weighted and counterweighted system that improves your body alignment, range of motion and your core muscles.
Grip Contoured Handle
  • Made for consistent and long period practice. The flexible shaft gives a low-impact swing that goes back and forth nonstop until you get into proper tempo. Made of polyurethane head and rubber handle and elastic rod made it durable for constant and long periods of practice. 

Product Specifications:

SwingFlex specification

Materials: polyurethane, rubber
Product size: 68cm
Product weight: 1.25 pounds

Package Included: 

1 x SwingFlex Golf Swing Training Aid